Trechos de rocks libertadores sobre o fim de uma relação. Mais eficazes do que qualquer canção tipo dor-de-cotovelo ;-)

Getting off this carousel
You can do as you please,
You can go to hell
Put my back against the wall
Well I'm not gonna fall
On my knees, no not at all
("Saint and Sinner", Gene Simmons)

Rip it out
Take my heart
You wanted it
From the start
You got it now
So goodbye
So rip it out
Watch me cry ;-)
I hope you suffer!"
("Rip it out", Ace Frehley)

Sometimes love is like a slap in the face, you been burned and still
It's the same old mistake
If you want my opinion, I'll give it to you straight
Love is like a slap in the face
("Love's a slap in the face", Gene Simmons)

I ain't gonna be no whipping boy for you no more
I'm tired of swallowing my pride
I wanna tell you just the way I feel
I got a heart made of steel
("Move on over", Peter Criss)

I don't want a romance, I don't wanna dance, I just wanna forget you
Time to take my chances, find somebody new
I just wanna for, I just wanna for, I just wanna forget you
("I just wanna", Paul Stanley)

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