O amor é mesmo lindo. Olhem esta pérola que um louco apaixonado pôs no site para nerds Slashdot no dia dos namorados lá dos EUA:

"Kathleen Fent Read This Story
Posted by CmdrTaco on Thursday February 14, @09:25AM
from the typed-with-one-pair-of-sweating-palms dept.
Kathleen, I wanted to do this in this most potentially embarassing way possible, and I figured doing it here and now, in front of a quarter of a million strangers was as good a way as any. I love you more then I can describe within the limits of this tiny little story. We've been together for many years now, and I've known for most of that time that I wanted to spend my life with you. Enough rambling. Will you marry me?
Update 15 minutes 30 seconds later: Subj: "Yes", message body: "Dork. You made me cry. :)" Hazah! I'm getting married! :)"

Mesmo que não seja verdade (e eu acho que ninguém seria bobo de pôr hoaxes no Slashdot), é muito maneiro ;-))))

O link para vocês verem a coisa na vera é este.

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